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2 pounds chicken wings
1/4 cup dark brown sugar
3 tablespoons lemon pepper seasoning + 2 tablespoons to sprinkle during cooking
2 tablespoons garlic powder
2 tablespoons scotch bonnet hot pepper sauce
chopped fresh parsely – as needed
chopped fresh scallions – as needed

In a bowl combine, wings, brown sugar, lemon pepper, garlic powder, scotch bonnet pepper and salt and pepper.
Mix to combine and allow to marinate 2 hrs or up to over night.
Preheat broiler on high – and roast the wings 12 minutes to develop color and crisp.
Place the wings back in a clean bowl and toss withe the scallions, parsley and reserved lemon pepper. Reduce the oven to regular 350 degrees.
Return to oven and finish cooking the wings 20 more minutes or until cooked through.