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2 large chicken breasts cut into chunks(or 1 1/2 cups)
1 1/2 cups chopped sausage (your preferred brand)
1 1/2 cups of rice
1 ten ounce can crushed tomatoes
1 medium onion chopped
2 celery stalks chopped
2 cups chicken stock
Salt and pepper to taste
Dried oregano – to taste
Garlic powder – to taste
Onion powder – to taste
1 tbsp creole seasoning
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp oil

In a large heated pan add the oil allow to heat, then add the chicken and brown on all sides. Add the sausage and brown all sides, remove both the chicken and sausage from the pan. Add the butter onions and celery and saute 5 minute on medium high heat. Once the veggies become tender add the stock the tomatoes and spices simmer 5 minutes before adding the rice. After 5 minutes add the rice and return the chicken and sauce to the pan, stir to combine, cover and simmer on medium low heat for 35 minutes or until the rice is tender and ready to enjoy!