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3 Cups Flour (Plain)
3 tsp Baking Powder
1/3 tsp Salt
3 tsp Sugar
3 tsp Butter or Margarine
¾ Cup Water or enough to make a firm dough
¾ Cup Cooking Oil, or enough to cover bottom of the pan

Add the dry ingredients to a large mixing bowl and mix together evenly
If using butter / margarine, add this to the dry ingredients and rub the flour through your fingers until it mixes together with the butter evenly and resembles fine breadcrumbs – do not leave blobs of butter in the mixture.

Slowly add the water and constantly knead the dough until it is firm and there is no dry flour in the bowl. The dough should NOT stick to your fingers once finished.

Pinch a golf ball sized piece of the dough and place in the palm of your hand, use the other hand to fold the outer edges into the middle until the dumpling has a ‘firmness’ to it
keep kneading in this way for about 30 seconds until firm.

Carefully place dumplings into cooking oil and turn them over until they are fried golden brown all over – do not overload the pot, the dumplings should not be touching one another, remove when done and drain on paper towel. Enjoy!

For full video recipe on this dish check out my youtube channel!