Oven Roasted Amish Chicken

Oven Roasted Amish Chicken

For the Glaze - 25 Grams raisins, 25 Grams dried apricots, 250 Grams orange juice(fresh squeezed), 100 Grams water, 50 Grams olive oil, 5 Grams fresh thyme ( Bring all ingredients above EXCEPT the raisins and apricots, bring them to a boil and reduce by half , then add the raisins and apricots and keep reducing till thickened slightly)
Chicken - brush the chicken with melted butter liberally, and season properly with salt and pepper, stuff the cavity of the chicken with onion,carrots more fresh thyme and garlic.
Chicken - roast 375 degrees for 40 minutes - cut the oven down to 325 and start the basting process, baste every ten minutes until chicken is done and cooked thru, internal temperature 165 degrees.

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